Evidence For Copy Theory Of Movement Linguistics Prepositions

Keywords copy theory of movement, ECM constructions, Focus Phrase. 1. Introduction. two representative constructions in syntax, i.e. Control and ECM constructions. Specifically. evidence for CTM that allows the option of pronouncing a lower copy of a chain. (Potsdam. The same account applies to pronouns as well.

I propose a theory based on the Copy Theory of movement which predicts the attested patterns. focus is represented in the narrow syntax and then interpreted at the interfaces. 2.4 The requirements of the lower copy: evidence from ellipsis. semantics for the interpretation of pronouns and bound variables—see Heim.

The Copy Theory of Movement and The BindingTheoretic Status of ATraces: You Can't Get. Since the early 1970's, within what can broadly be called Chomskyan syntax, it. In terms of a theory of pronouns that is advocated in Baltin & Van. explain why there seems to be no evidence for vacuous quantification in natural.

The second piece of evidence shows that the availability of preposition stranding in English nonelliptical. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 28, 539–92. Wh-doubling: Implications for the syntax of wh-movement. Copy and paste a formatted citation or use one of the options to export in your chosen format.

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Syntactic movement is the means by which some theories of syntax address discontinuities. The other means of indicating movement is in terms of copies. The analysis shown in these sentences sees the subject pronouns someone and.

against postulating a linguistic level of structuralist phonemics was that it required. as evidence for a theory that generates an infinite variety of expressions, each of which. while discarding infinitely many others consistent with the evidence. Peirce. conditions on what counts as a copy, hence additional properties of UG.

5 Jan 2018. This idea is often referred to as the Copy Theory of Movement, and the. I present novel evidence for the view that pronouns may spell out DP copies, In further support of the idea that the syntax of movement is the same.

The paper also illustrate how the copy theory of movement. Preposition copying provides a different kind of evidence supporting the claim that preposed.

In order to consider issues of head movement in linguistic theory, we must first. If XP is the complement of H, copy the head of XP into the local domain of H. b. fact bundled to compose a particular head—say, a preposition.15 This means that. m-merger, evidence that is not theoretically dependent on the view of head.

It is widely recognized that there are movements in the syntax that cannot be seen. We. timing. Instead, the theory makes crucial use of the copy theory of movement (Chomsky. 1993. 2009), although with pronouns, only third person forms. grammatical principles: Evidence from Russian unaccusatives', Linguistic Inquiry.

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8.2 CROSS-LINGUISTIC PATTERNS OF WH-MOVEMENT. pronouns in English by predicting which sentences are grammatical and which are ungrammatical. Role and Reference Grammar is one of the main theories of functional syntax. The lower copy is evidence that the wh-phrase moved through the specifier of.

of a Minimalist Program for linguistic theory (see Chomsky (1993, 1994, 1995: chap. Empirical evidence for the Copy + Merge theory of movement will be provided by. Suppose that nominal elements (including pronouns) in English are.

account both assumptions about syntax and about semantics, and since there is much. discussion of some evidence that might bear on it.1. need to be said in order to explain the way that first and second person pronouns depend on context to. QR, under the copy theory of movement, would be the structure in ( 30)''a,

Essex Research Reports in Linguistics 37 (2001). 43. derivation, in conjunction with the copy theory of movement, raises new questions about the nature of, and motivation. evidence in favour of successive-cyclic wh-movement. be less consistent for examples like (10b) that involve a prepositional wh-phrase.8. (10) a.

The central problem for the linguistic theory, often referred to as Plato's. Thus, in English both verbs and prepositions precede their complements, while in. movement, which takes place during the mapping from SS to LF, hence does not. considerable evidence that “traces”, i.e. lower copies, can be phonetically realized.

4 Sep 2016. the questions that the copy theory pose to the syntax-PF mapping and. copies are realized as (resumptive) pronouns, reflexives, or partial. evidence that wh- movement in wh-copying does indeed involve head adjunction is.

The consequences of the copy theory for syntactic computation per se and for the syntax–phonology mapping, [Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 107] 2007. vi , 388 pp. Pronouns in a Minimalist Setting. providing strong original evidence in favour of the so-called "copy theory of movement" which constitutes one of.

the “copy theory of movement” into the Minimalist Program. According to. Bošković and Nunes's chapter discusses a considerable amount of evidence involving A- movement. applications of deletion, yielding a complex crosslinguistic pattern whereby chains in the general. prepositional structures in German dialects.

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