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Effective strategies for nurses empowering the life quality and antipsychotic adherence of patients with schizophrenia. Peer-reviewed and Open Access Journal for the Nursing Specialists. Open Journal Systems · Journal Help. User.

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2018 Cite Score: 1.91 – ranked 8th in the listing for mental health journals! H-5 Index: 31. Authors. An integrative review. Design and validation of a brief scale for cognitive evaluation in people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia (BCog‐ S).

Schizophrenia Research is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering research on the cause, clinical diagnostics, and treatment of schizophrenia. It is an official journal of the Schizophrenia International Research Society and was established.

29 Oct 2013. A Cochrane review evaluating 11 RCTs involving 470 patients with schizophrenia and depressive symptoms concluded that there was no solid. Provenance: Commissioned by supplement editors; externally peer reviewed.

17 Aug 2016. Schizophrenia is a serious mental health illness with potentially devastating effects on both patients and families. updated while the draft report is posted for public comment and peer review to capture any new publications.

7 Oct 2019. The recent article, titled "An Early Developmental Marker of Deficit versus Nondeficit Schizophrenia," provides. The team's new research has recently been published in Schizophrenia Bulletin, a peer-reviewed journal of.

12 Nov 2019. Smartphone Apps for Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review. Through symptom surveys, therapy-based coaching, peer-to-peer support, and medication reminders, smartphone apps have direct potential to support.

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Ketogenic Diet for Schizophrenia: Clinical Implication Might impaired glucose/ energy metabolism play a role in the etiology of schizophrenia? This review examines the evidence and the potential efficacy of a ketogenic diet in patients with.

Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing Open Access from 2020. Trends in the incidence and DALYs of schizophrenia at the global, regional and national levels: results from the Global.

The International Journal of Mental Health & Psychiatry is an international peer- reviewed journal that publishes cutting-edge academic research of seminal importance in the scientific field.

12 Mar 2019. The included articles were required to meet all of the following criteria: Empirical study published in English language in peer reviewed journals. Derived from a sample meeting criteria (DSM/ICD) for a psychotic disorder.

Explore the latest articles from The Lancet Psychiatry, published online ahead of print. the latest The Lancet Psychiatry articles published online ahead of print; All research papers have been peer-reviewed and published via our fast-track.

Journal of Schizophrenia Disorders And Therapy – This is an Open Access Journal. It is currently Online Only. The manuscripts submitted to this journal are peer-reviewed and the method used is – Single Blind. However, the author can prefer.

Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association · American Psychiatric Nurses Association · 1.111. Impact Factor. 5-Year Impact Factor 1.595. Journal Indexing & Metrics » · Journal Home. Rigorous peer review of your research.

11 Jan 2016. This systematic review summarizes the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of paliperidone in the treatment of. Methods: A systematic literature search was conducted on the databases covering international and Chinese core journals, published from January 1, 2008, Peer reviewers approved by Prof.

The aim of this review is to appraise current evidence on the association between employment and specific, Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal. Schizophrenia; Recovery; Return to work; Occupational rehabilitation; Support for employment.

21 Jul 2017. Schizophrenia is a complex, heterogeneous disorder, with highly variable treatment outcomes, and relatively little is known about what is. Research article; Open Access; Open Peer Review; Published: 21 July 2017.