Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box Puzzle 138 Emulator

Instead of looking at this one straight on, try rotating your Nintendo DS a little so that you have a diagonal view of the puzzle. Tap B to solve the puzzle. If you hold a piece of paper up to the DS.

When tracing out a path back to the nest, leave as few roads untouched as possible. Assuming the top of the screen to be north, from the point labeled Start, drag your stylus south and then go west at.

Can you picture the professor using a curved sword? It doesn’t really seem to fit his style, does it? No sword on the wall could belong to a true warrior. After all, a blade on the wall can’t be.

Read carefully, because this next move is key. You need to take the ball now sitting in the center space and move it in the direction that you moved your ball in the first move. The rest of the puzzle.

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Since the stones are of the same size and feel, there is absolutely no way to tell them apart while removing them. The best shot you’ll have at pocketing those coins is just around 50 percent. There’s.

The answer is 89, which you get by adding the square of 5 to the square of 8 (25 + 64). Input the answer by writing an "8" into the center box and a "9" into the right box (leave the left box blank).

Pay special attention to the two lines that use the number 4, as they are crucial to solving the puzzle. When arranged properly, each line of numbers can add up to either 9 or 10. The puzzle asked you.

Try reading the problem again bearing in mind the above. The answer is "3" minutes which you can input by writing "3" into the box on the right (leave the left box empty). In one minute, the number of.

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Follow these steps in solve the puzzle in 20 moves. For simplicity, we’ll refer to the cars with abbreviations like R1 to refer to red car #1, and W3 to refer to white car #3. Bolded moves denote that.

Wow, these puzzles are really getting tough. Here’s a hint to take the edge off this puzzle. Start by clearing the ball three from the edge in the bottom row. Next, move the ball on the edge of the.

The fewest number of lamps you need is six. There are six horizontal paths and six vertical paths, so you know you need at least six lamps just to light all of them. Use that as your starting point.

But you still have to deal with those other squares that are completely blue. The answer is a 6:4 ratio of sky to clouds, which you can input by writing "6" in the left box and "4" in the right box.

Also, in B, one of the restaurant’s windows is broken. However, the window is patched up in A, so A must have been taken after B. Write the letters into the four input boxes in the order listed above.

Places five roses on the grid, one in each of the designated white spaces marked in our diagram. Once all roses are properly placed, the puzzle is automatically solved for you.

Don’t give up! Hints One and Two should shorten the course for you significantly. Also, you don’t need to use every path.

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To power the #2 box, steam will have to come from the center pipe that comes. With these three valves open, hit "Submit" to solve the puzzle.

You can find it in the lower-left corner of the complex line pattern, starting just right of the large violet box. Draw an outline around it (doesn’t have to be exact) and hit "Submit" to solve.

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You’re out to make each horizontal, vertical, and diagonal line of four numbers equal the same number, so first you need to find that number. The total is there for you to find, so just examine the.