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There isn’t a college student who hasn’t heard of or used Rate My Professors. With scales of overall quality, how many people would retake a class and the level of difficulty, Rate My Professors is.

The best professor in America isn’t at an Ivy League school, according to Rate My Professor — it’s a health and nutrition sciences adjunct instructor at Montclair State University. The website, which.

He skimmed through thousands of ratings of math professors at American universities on Rate My Professors, a source for hundreds of thousands of students’ unvarnished takes on their teachers. He found.

If Harry Potter had access to the “Rate My Professors” website at Hogwarts, you can probably guess where he’d put a few names. But, fan-created professor ratings for Hogwarts tell a surprising story.

William Setzer Rate My Professors Under the direction of Professor Alan Peslak, students Dorian Anderson. Slavin, Brooke Sorensen, Abigayle Steenback, Jacob Stevens, Sadie Stevens, William Stevens, Jason C. Thiel, Trevor Thomas, Oct 29, 2015. Name, Position Title, Department, College/Area, Annual Rate. Ahmed,Kareem A, Assistant Professor, MMAE-PAYROLL 9, AA-COLLEGE OF. University's faculty, staff, and students with the Greater Hartford community. My

Although he did have a killer velociraptor impression. Still, it makes sense that his "Rate My Professor" page would give him a somewhat mixed rating. Overall, Ross faired pretty well, with over 80%.

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Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s popular segment “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” the Sundial asked Sociology Professor Ellis Godard, to read his reviews from RateMyProfessors.com. Check out last week’s.

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But perhaps the most useful feature on this very accommodating website is the “hotness” meter. Unfamiliar with the Rate My Professors hotness meter? The hotness meter appears as a small animated chili.

Ask any college instructor about online professor-rating sites such as Rate My Professors, and she will insist that not only does she find the anonymous student-rant irrelevant to her career, she hasn.

The streaming video news network Cheddar is making another acquisition. The company says that it has acquired Rate My Professors from Viacom. Rate My Professors is a website and app that lets college.

BYU has nearly 3,000 of its professors rated on the site. Students can rate their professors on a scale of one to five on easiness, helpfulness, clarity, interest level and textbook use. Students can.

A quick look at Pizone-Novia’s page on Rate on Rate My Professor validates the honor. Comments dating back as far as February 2003 are glowing in student praise. Comments on Pizone-Novia’s Rate My.

Rate My Professor used this chili pepper ranking to determine the hottest professors in the country, and not all of them are quite what you’d expect. Here are the top 10 on the list:.

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Professors are judged on clarity and helpfulness. For the campus ratings, students rate the school based on criteria such as reputation, location, campus grounds, food and activities. Rate My.

Rate My Professors ranked BYU as No. 14 on its Top University List for the 2012–2013 school year. BYU was given a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Universities are given their ranking based on ten different.

Answer by William B. Harrison III, English teacher: I gave up most of my professorial indignation over Rate My Professors several years ago. It doesn’t really matter whether faculty like it. Just like.

We all know that one student in class the professor can’t get enough of, but what about the teacher students can’t help but flock to? Ratemyprofessor.com, a website where students score and review.

BYU professor Rosalind Hall recently made Rate My Professors’ Top 25 professors of the year list, garnering the No. 4 rank out of 1.8 million professors. Rate My Professors, a popular blog run by mtvU.

"This teacher is the reason I changed my major," one student wrote about a chemistry professor. A criminal justice professor’s class drove one student to write: "He is all the negative things you hear.

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