What Are Some Liberal Arts Majors

Oct 08, 2009  · Our list covers currently available jobs that offer high earning potential to people without a technical or scientific degree. Some jobs require licenses or a little additional education, but most can be accomplished with a “worthless” liberal arts education (even one of those “lowly” online degrees).

Breaking news: If you just graduated with a degree in humanities. have liberal arts degrees, compared to 27 percent recruiting those in engineering and computer information systems, or the 18.

Several of those presidents said some enrolled international students. and convened the heads of several schools, mostly.

But some prominent business and science leaders, along with Greater Cincinnati university leaders, say French literature majors, philosophers and liberal arts degree holders of all kinds are part of.

Mar 05, 2017  · There are many reasons for this, some good, some bad. 1. A Good Reason: Freeloading. If you were independently wealthy or supported yourself with an ordinary job and studied this stuff, nobody would care. When liberal arts students (and worse, aca.

"You’ve got all of these intersects nowadays and white supremacy and oppressive this and every buzzword in the liberal.

Aug 15, 2019. in an effort to reduce spending, some institu-. worth it and whether “liberal arts” majors provide a solid foundation for long-term employment.

Mar 21, 2018. college wants to cut English, history — and 11 other liberal arts majors. and much of the higher education landscape, outside of some of the.

Although many liberal arts colleges are exclusively undergraduate, some also offer graduate programs that lead to a master’s degree or doctoral degree in subjects such as business administration, nursing, medicine, and law.

Feb 27, 2018. Technologists may create the future—but liberal-arts majors tell us how to. this wasn't a crowd of computer-science majors and engineering.

The College of Liberal Arts offers students the largest number of majors of any college at The University of Texas at Austin. Students may choose majors in the.

May 19, 2019. Historically, Tufts began as a small liberal arts college chartered by the. Humanities and art majors, on the other hand, have dropped from 16% to 11% during the. “There is always going to be some ebb and flow [of student.

Nov 30, 2018  · The decline in liberal arts enrollment has forced many colleges to eliminate courses and, in some cases, entire majors.

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Liberal arts education has had some important backers over the years. The reporter who interviewed me wondered whether college students choose their major for love or money — that is, love of the.

"We got some woman in there who just goes off," Roberts. His official senate page says he received a Bachelor’s degree from Lipscomb University, a Christian liberal arts college. A video live.

The statement, in part: “While the call for eliminating higher education was clearly hyperbole, I stand behind my general.

Check out this list of the best liberal arts degree jobs you can get. his who said, “Liberal arts majors are able to think critically, communicate complex ideas in understandable terms, Some developers also create custom content or graphics.

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Nov 30, 2018. The decline in liberal arts enrollment has forced many colleges to eliminate courses and, in some cases, entire majors.

Aug 1, 2017. Even today, liberal-arts majors in the humanities and social sciences. Some imagined him to be the son of dirt-poor refugees struggling to rise.

Toward the end of his broadcast, as he recalled an activist in favor of protecting abortion rights "going off on some.

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I was majoring in Film Studies as part of my Liberal Arts major. I had always loved film and TV. I know it isn’t always.

writing a comparative essay and discuss some burning issues. Speaking about liberal arts area, it covers majors as language arts, philosophy, and literature. It is the opposite of what STEM offers. In.

Seven in 10 Republicans told Pew that politics on campus "lean toward one particular viewpoint" and "this is a major problem.

I'll first give Wikipedia's definition: “[the liberal arts] can refer to. and economics department, for majors from these departments regularly go.

If you’re currently a liberal arts major, this means that you may want to switch to a major with more job prospects or at least take some technical and business courses as electives. This way, you can.

Mar 14, 2019  · Yes, the median annual income for liberal arts majors is about 8% less than it is for all majors, according to Emsi, a labor-market research firm owned by Strada Education.

Where liberal arts is a structured blend of arts, social studies, science, and humanities, a major in humanities focuses more greatly on languages, literature, art, music, philosophy, and religion. General studies, depending on your school, has a curriculum designed to combine arts, science, and humanities.

But salaries vary significantly within majors too. For example, some liberal arts majors make more than some engineering majors despite engineers making more overall. Notably, the Georgetown report.

Liberal arts degree jobs are more available in a diverse range of fields than ever. starting salaries for liberal arts majors have risen to about $40,000, annually. Some writers work as reporters, conducting research, holding interviews, report.

As a liberal arts college, Mount Aloysius emphasizes that our graduates are. What do liberal arts majors do?. Some graduates have gone on to become:.

Apr 5, 2018. Over time, liberal arts majors have much larger salary increases. Therefore, a degree in this field isn't as irrelevant as some people wrongly.

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Dec 4, 2018. Without some intentional tweaks, two reports argue, liberal-arts departments won' t necessarily equip students to avoid underemployment or.

While an example of a liberal arts major would be somebody who decides to major in English or Anthropology or the political sciences. People who major in the liberal arts don’t have a definite career path: For example, somebody who majored in English may decide to teach in a high school or become an editor of some sort.

Making the Case for Liberal Arts. This has occurred most recently at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, which has proposed shutting down 13 majors including English, philosophy and music literature while expanding chemical engineering, computer information systems, finance, management and marketing; and the University of New Hampshire,

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a liberal arts degree. Read the information provided in the table below to learn about some of these.

Nov 13, 2018. The number of students choosing liberal arts majors is dipping. to technical fields, and after gaining some technical skills along the way.

Some Quick Job Search Tips for Liberal Arts Majors. Look For Jobs With Lots of Training and Career Mobility. If you find yourself out of college and still unsure as.

Sep 10, 2018  · Many liberal arts majors also have an interest in giving back and connecting with people, which leads them to careers in public service and politics. These are some of the more traditional paths for liberal arts majors, but graduates can be found in almost all industries and professions.

Wondering What to Do With That Liberal Arts Degree?. English majors have heard it since the beginning of time. but the point is this: These folks started their careers with liberal arts degrees and eventually came to lead some of the largest.

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Over six years, Tough visited big universities and small liberal arts colleges. everyone needs a four-year college degree.

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May 17, 2019  · In one of them, a liberal arts graduate is pictured on his graduation day with the caption: “Achieves liberal arts degree. Continues career as janitor.” Another shows a hip-looking young protestor complaining there are no jobs for college graduates: she majored in 12th century English poetry.

Jul 29, 2015  · Throughout the major U.S. tech hubs, whether Silicon Valley or Seattle, Boston or Austin, Tex., software companies are discovering that liberal arts.

And I can cherish each one as noteworthy or as some sort of accomplishment. that’s rather the exception than the rule in the liberal arts. Many of my fellow students went into the liberal.

Liberal arts majors who are knowledgeable about multiple subjects have an advantage in the job market. Employers look for candidates with a well-rounded education and a broad skill set. Is a Liberal Arts Degree Right For Me? If you’re not sure if a liberal arts degree is right for you, it’s important to consider your future goals and interests.

Meme pages are rapidly becoming college students’ best source for campus news, and even influence teens’ decisions on which.

CEOs in the hottest industries want to hire liberal arts majors. It’s not just that CEOs themselves. Then be savvy about electives. Take some courses that the least creative hiring manager in.

Her dad and I tried to persuade her to at least take some business courses. Just Mom Dear J.M.: I wonder if there’s ever been a mom or dad of a liberal arts major who didn’t worry about exactly the.

The College of Letters and Science. The liberal arts curriculum of the UCLA College of Letters and Science begins by bringing together perspectives from many fields to analyze issues, pose questions, and train students to think and write creatively as well as critically. Students then concentrate on.

This hour: what’s the value of a liberal arts degree in the twenty-first century? We hear why tech giant Infosys has teamed up with Trinity College in Hartford to train and recruit new hires. Later,

The College of Letters and Science. The liberal arts curriculum of the UCLA College of Letters and Science begins by bringing together perspectives from many fields to analyze issues, pose questions, and train students to think and write creatively as well as critically. Students then concentrate on.

Among Liberal Arts Colleges. and the data that we provide.” For some students, it’s about affordability; for others, it.